About KHOJ

International Artists’ Association is an artist led, alternative space for experimentation and international exchange based in India.

KHOJ Studios, Delhi

Part of the global Triangle Arts Trust, KHOJ sees its role as an incubator for art and ideas, artistic exchange and dialogue in the visual arts. Through our programming we aim to assist and develop, forms of art such as media art, performance, video, environmental, public and community based art, sound and other experimental modes of cultural production.

As a deliberate policy our core invitees have been from South Asia which has resulted in the development of an active network of artists in the region. KHOJ seeks to promote cross cultural exchange within the visual practices of the ‘Global South’. Since our inception in 1997 artists from Iran, Egypt, Cuba, Argentina, Brazil, Lebanon, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan and several countries in Africa, have participated in our workshops and residencies.

Aims and Objectives:

* To actively assist, develop and promote new , investigative and experimental art practices in all media
* To promote discussion, understanding and appreciation of contemporary arts issues and to provide a forum for critical debate.
* To encourage and support the production and the exchange of ideas by Indian, South Asian and International artists through production, exhibition and dissemination.
* To actively facilitate an informal network of contemporary artists both within the region and abroad.
* To develop new and informed audiences.
* To support emerging artists and artists from smaller cities/marginal areas.

KHOJ International Artists Association was established in 1997 and is a registered society under the Indian Societies Registration Act, 1860.

KHOJ International Artists’ Association
S-17, Khirkee Extension,
New Delhi – 110017
Phone: +91-11-65655874, +91-11-65655873
E-mail: interact@khojworkshop.org
Website: http://khojworkshop.org

Contact People :
Pooja Sood – Director
V.P.Manoj – Accounts + Administration
Rohini Devasher – Editorials + Publication
Aastha Chauhan – Community Arts + Outreach
MK.Saranjit – Documentation + Technical Head


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